I have used Meece Pets on multiple occasions over the past year, and have nothing but high praise for Alison and the excellent service that she provides. We have 3 cats, 2 rabbits, turtles, fish and a hamster that Alison lovingly cares for while we are away. Whether we are away for a weekend, or longer holiday we always feel comfortable that our loved family pets are well cared for. The first time that Alison looked after our animals while we were on holiday we were obviously a bit nervous, a few days in I got an email update. Our cats have very distinct personalities, and she described the behaviour of each perfectly. From that moment I knew that Alison was doing more than throwing food in a bowl, she was fussing, and caring for our animals as we would. Needless to say, from that point on we relaxed and haven’t looked back. Alison is always my first call whenever I’m away and need my pets caring for. We also have a Cockapoo Tinkerbell, who Alison has walked on occasion when we have been out all day. Again she is fantastic, we feel happy that Tinks is getting a nice walk, played with and fed in our absence. It’s also great to know that our post is picked up, and bins put out on the appropriate days. Overall a great value service, that is reliable, and gives us peace of mind that our pets are fed and happy while we enjoy our time away. Thank you Alison.

Clients since 2014 onward.
The service was perfect with friendly and excellent communication, before, during and after. When we picked up our pet he was happy and the cage and toys were all clean. We highly recommend the Meece Pets service if you want your pet to have a home away from home when you go away. 

Clients since 2014 onward.

Princess really loves her time at Meece Pets, it’s always a worry when you have to leave your beloved child (cockatiel!) behind but I am so happy with the care and service that Meece pets provide. Princess is always happy and healthy...and more sociable! since I have been using Meece Pets to care for her when I have to go away. I would recommend Meece Pets to anyone who wants peace of mind when leaving their furry or feathered child in someone else's care. Absolutely excellent...Thanks Alison.
Thank you foster mummy

Clients 2014, 2015 and moved to sunny Spain.  We miss you Princess.

My two rabbits stayed at Meece Pets recently, and had excellent care. Alison is obviously very experienced in looking after small animals. I will certainly be booking again.  (Humbug and Willow October 2014)

My rabbits, Humbug and Willow, have stayed with Meece Pets three times now, and have received excellent care. Alison does everything she can to make sure they are comfortable, and that they are housed in a way that is similar to their home environment. She is obviously very experienced in looking after small animals, and I will certainly be booking with her again. (2015)

Client since 2014 onward.

Meece Pets note:

RIP Willow, very much missed by us all.

We used Meece Pets home visiting service to care for our animals while we were away. The service was extremely professional and fantastic from the first visit to arriving home from our holiday.  (2016)

Clients 2016 Onwards.

We will definitely be using the service again and highly recommend it.  (2016)

Clients 2016 Onwards